Smart use of Surplus PV Generation – PV BALANCER available now:

The Ecodhome range of wireless home automation devices gives greater control of your heating system & household appliances. From the complete MyVirtuoso Home automation system to a simple digital thermostatic radiator head, our products are designed to maximise energy savings and increase comfort levels within your home. All MyVirtuoso Home functions can be monitored and controlled via iOS/Android Smartphone/Tablet remotely.

What is the MyVirtuoso Home system?

MyVirtuoso Home is an automated wireless system that can create different scenarios which enable you to keep a constant check on your gas and electricity consumption, to maintain the perfect temperature in every room, and to control the lighting and all your electrically powered devices. MyVirtuoso can also monitor your security system using IP cameras straight to your iOS/Android device and alert you in the event of a security breach via SMS.

MyVirtuoso Home allows you to enjoy your home in a way that was just not possible before. A few simple actions can allow you to take care of yourself and your family. Nothing will ever be the same again after you have installed MyVirtuoso Home – life will become much easier.

Why choose MyVirtuoso Home?

Every home, family and person is different: MyVirtuoso Home is flexible and can easily be personalised and adapted to your own special requirements by offering you the perfect scenario.

Installation of the system is very simple, intuitive and above all requires little extra work, all thanks to the wireless technology used

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What can MyVirtuoso do for you?

Using iPad / iPhone, Android Tablet / Android Phone can it:

MyVirtuoso Home

Remote control for your

heating & appliances!

The MyVirtuoso Home PV Balancer allows diversion of excess energy production to a resistive load, such as a hot water tank.

The system measures PV production, the actual usage in the home, and calculates the surplus. The Gateway is then programmed to divert surplus electrical energy to the resistive heating element (and/or other devices).


TTD 101

Digital Thermostatic Radiator Head

For individual control of your radiators,

increasing comfort and energy savings


TTD USB Programmer

Programme multiple TTD101

digital thermostatic heads

using the TTD USB Programmer.


Trader or Installer?

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Yes it can do all the above and because you can programme the system to react to any scenario it can monitor an event and then activate another device/system to react to that event including alerting you via your phone.

The modular nature means you can start with the basic package and add on many additional devices to expand the capabilities. Saving energy is guaranteed when you have such close control of your home or business systems thus repaying the cost many times over.

By using Z Wave wireless technology the installation is not intrusive so requires no technical installation skill in most cases. Each powered device acts as a signal repeater thus linking the system effectively around the premises however signal boosters are available to spread signals around even the most difficult buildings.

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  Hollybrook Power Supplies (Ireland) Ltd


Up to 30% Energy Savings


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MyVirtuoso KITS

Solar PV Control, Zoned Heating Control, Home Security Cameras with Remote Access - all you need in one kit and at a discount!



Completely monitor and control my whole house heating, lighting, energy and security systems.


Switch on my boiler/heating and/or hot water automatically or manually.


Completely monitor and control the solar photovoltaic system including diverting any surplus power into my hot water cylinder and uniquely another connected appliance load. See 10.


Control the temperature of individual radiators throughout the house (zoning without re-plumbing).

Switch on/off automatically selected lights when I am at home or away.



Control via programmes any power sockets in the home and the appliances connected to them.

Control programmed switching on/off any power circuit or appliance depending on a variety of “scenarios”.



Send SMS alerts if any sensor is activated or programmed event occurs.


Monitor via CCTV remotely to my mobile phone.


Use all my spare solar power including switching on other sockets/circuits of additional loads thus avoiding any export back to the grid which is otherwise wasted.


Read my electricity meter or my renewable energy generation meter remotely.


Alert me if my house is flooded.