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SKU: 01333-0004-00.

TTD101 Digital Thermostatic Radiator Head (Not for use with MyVirtuoso Home)

SKU: 01333-0004-00.

Digital Thermostatic Radiator Head - individual radiator control for increased comfort levels and energy savings.

Separate Control of Individual Radiators.

Fully Programmable : weekly / daily temperature & time settings.

Control Multiple Heads using TTD USB Programmer (using software supplied & laptop).

Clear LCD Display.

Easy to Install & Use.

Battery Powered.

See Adapter, Specification & Manual attachments for further detail.

Please note a set of valve adapters for most radiator types is included free; other adapters are available.

If system employs thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators, then a bypass circuit must be fitted with an automatic bypass valve to ensure a flow of water should all valves be in the closed position.

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TTD101 Digital Thermostatic Radiator Head Kit

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TTD USB Programmer

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